“Life is a Gift”. “Learn to Love yourself”, a message learned on the other side of Death by Anita Moorjani

Life is a Gift“. “Learn to Love yourself“. You are more than your borrowed physical body. Anita Moorjani came back from the other side of Death and shares the insights which she learned.

Video courtesy of the London Real YouTube channel.

Her body language indicates that she is speaking the Truth, as she believes it to be the Truth. She also mentioned a few things which indicate to me to trust what she is saying.

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Anita spoke of it not being her time to leave her Human life.  This corresponds to a concept that we have our own “Timeline”. I have a post on this site which provided proof of the concept of “Timelines”.

After your heart stops and brain activity ceases, awareness continues to exist. That which is you continues to exist. You are not the automobile that your drive. You are not the borrowed body which you temporarily occupy.


Posted by: Vincent Banial

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