Shirley Mpagi is an emerging artist who’s Art you have to check out

Photo credit Shirley Mpagi

New Art Exhibition by Shirley Mpagi

Shirley Mpagi will have a new upcoming Art Exhibition.  Her eyes “sparkled” with enthusiasm, when she talked about the ART that she was working on. She also spoke about working with other Artists and how they inspired her and each other.

Photo Credit Shirley Mpagi

It takes guts to follow your dream. To share the Gift which you were born with. To create ART. Such individuals inspire everyone.

Shirley Mpagi will be having an Art Exhibition on Feb 26th at 170 Spadina Ave (above Bacon Nation). The exhibition opens at 7:30pm. There will be some performance at around 10pm.

Entrance is a mere $10 which includes a raffle ticket. Some of the money from the entrance fee will be donated to a Woman’s Shelter, where Shirley helps out.

Photo credit Shirley Mpagi

Photo Credit Shirley Mpagi

A special note to Musicians, Bands and Record Company people, Shirley is extremely talented. Consider contacting Shirley if you need Photos and or Art for an Album/CD Cover or for a web site.

Photo Credit Shirley Mpagi

Shirley Mpagi will also be doing a “Live” painting as part of Harbourfront’s Kuumba Festival on Feb the 5th.

Photo Credit Shirley Mpagi

Please check out Shirley’s Facebook page, especially her photos. Some of her Art felt like it was inspired by Andy Wharhol,  and would make impressive Album/CD/DVD covers.

Click on this line to visit Shirley’s WordPress Blog.

Click on this line to visit Shirley’s Facebook page.

Shirley also has an amazing Cover Photo on her Facebook page. Like many things on Facebook, the embed code will not work with WordPress and so I could not include it in this post.

Please visit both her Website and her Facebook page, to view some of the amazing Art which Shirley has created.

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