Top Ten Wines of 2015 chosen by “Elin McCoy”, the wine critic for Bloomberg Pursuits

Some people have rather interesting jobs. Actually the word job somehow does not describe what Elin McCoy does.

During 2015 Elin McCoy’s “job” was to sample about 3500 different wines. Day in and day out. Tough job – can I have it?

What Elin McCoy does is not an easy task. You first have to have a trained pickup the nuances of a wine. You also don’t get to sit back and enjoy the whole bottle. She must do a lot of travel, which can be disruptive of a family life.

Anyhow Bloomberg, for whom Elin works, has published Elin’s recommendations of the best wines of 2015. The prices of the recommended wines range from $20 per bottle, up to $8,540 US per bottle (very rare – only if you can find it at an auction).

At the low price range, but of high quality, Elin liked the following white Hungarian wine:
2012 Kiralyudvar Tokaji Furmint Sec (at $20 per bottle).


At the top price end, Elin loved the following white 1966 Vintage French Champagne:
1966 Dom Pérignon P3 Champagne magnum (at $8,540 and at auction, if you can find it)

Click on this line to visit the Bloomberg website to read Elin McCoy full article and check out the other great wines which she had highly recommended.


Posted by: Vincent Banial

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