“I Wish Ferrari” will be held on July 12 in Woodbridge. Mark your calendars

Just got word that “I Wish Ferrari“, an amazing charity event, will be held again in 2015.

At “I Wish Ferrari“, Special Needs Kids get the ride of their life in a Ferrari or Lamborghini or other Exotic Car.

Photo of I Wish Ferrari event in Woodbridge Ontario. Photo Credit Vincent BanialI WISH FERRARI 2012

I had covered the 2012 event. This event will warm your heart, choke you up and and very likely bring a tear to your eye.

I Wish Ferrari is a team effort between the folks who run Daytona Auto Centre in Woodbridge along with Bodies By Design also in Woodbridge. If you own a Ferrari or other Exotic auto then you will likely be very well aware of the quality of workmanship that Daytona provides. If you want to be fit, then you can Expect Results from Kris Simpson and his team at Bodies By Design.

Daytona Auto Centre gets together their customers to provide Special Needs Kids with the ride of their life in a Ferrari or Lamborghini or other Exotic Car. Woodbridge is said to be the Ferrari capital of Canada. When I covered this event back in 2012, the plaza was overflowing with Ferrari Exotics.

Video of the 2012 I Wish Ferrari event is courtesy of the I WISH Ferrari YouTube channel

Going to the 2012 event I had the worries of the world on my shoulders. Seeing the Special Needs kids changed my State instantly. Compared to the kids, I had no worries or problems worth concerning myself about. My heart went out to the kids and to their parents.

Your eyes will tear as you watch some of the kids being gingerly lifted and placed inside a Ferrari. The kids would sit quietly with anticipation before they set off on their ride. When they returned, these kids were transformed, Smiles a mile wide. Their parents glowing, sharing the happiness they saw in their kids. I had never before seen or experienced something that profound.

I’m remembering one little girl who absolutely glowed and was frantically waving to her parents as she returned from her drive in a Maserati. Her parents looked at each other and said that they could not believe the transformation in their little sweetheart.

If you own an Exotic Car, maybe contact Daytona Auto Centre at 1 (866) 980-8581 to see if they need more Exotic Cars. Life has been good to those who own an Exotic. Not so much for the Special Needs Kids and their parents. Participating in I Wish Ferrari could be a life changing event for you and your Special Needs passenger.

Video of the 2013 I Wish Ferrari courtesy of the I WISH Ferrari YouTube channel

An official announcement is coming soon. The official event date which I had received is July 12th 2015. I will post further details when I learn more.

Click on this line to visit the I Wish Ferrari Facebook page.

Learning that I Wish Ferrari will be back, just made my day!!!!

Posted by: Vincent Banial for Uniquely Toronto

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