Help with booking your Band to play in Toronto.

Recently I was asked on Facebook, by a US based Band, about getting their Band booked to play in Toronto.

If one Band was curious about playing in Toronto, there might be others. I’m not a Booking Agent, but hope that this post might be of help to those who would like to book a Musician or a Band to play at a Toronto concert venue.

The number of Toronto concert venues has grown. Gone are the days when the Gasworks and The Colonial dominated the live music scene on Yonge St  in Toronto, along with The Knob Hill Hotel which was out in Scarborough.

The following is a list of some of the larger concert venues. There are also many smaller clubs which have live music.

The Horseshoe Tavern – 370 Queen Street W., Toronto, ON. Phone number (416) 598-2162. Click on this line to visit the Booking page of The Horseshoe Tavern.

The Danforth Music Hall – 147 Danforth Avenue,Toronto, ON. Phone number (416) 778-8163. Click on this line to visit the Contact page of The Danforth Music Hall website.

Lee’s Palace – 529 Bloor Street W.,Toronto, ON. Phone number (416) 532-1598. Click on this line to visit the “Booking” page at Lee’s Palace website. The Booking page is a must view as it list all the audio gear and other equipment, along with the email of the person handling Booking. Nice to see Lee’s Palace setup such a page.

The Opera House – 735 Queen St. E., Toronto, ON. Phone number (416) 466-0313.Click on this line to visit the Contact page at The Opera House website. Make sure to also check out their “Venue Info” page

The Hideout – 484 Queen Street W.,Toronto, ON. Phone number (647) 438-7664. Click on this line to visit the Contact page at The Hideout’s website.

Virgin Mobile Mod Club – 722 College St.Toronto, ON., Phone number (416) 588-8663. Click on this line to visit the Contact page at the Virgin Mobile Mod Club website.

The Phoenix Concert Theatre – 410 Sherbourne St, Toronto, ON., Click on this line to visit the Venue Info page at The Phoenix Concert Theatre website.

Some of the concert venues may book acts themselves, or they might use a Booking Agent. Click on this line to download a PDF file list of Booking Agents from the Music Directory Canada.

Hope that this might be of help and that your Band has a great time performing in Toronto.


Posted by: Vincent Banial for Uniquely Toronto

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