Never, ever give up on your Dreams of being a Musician. It is your “Gift” to the world.

Never give up on your Dreamswas the message I recently shared with a Musician, who’s band was taking a so called Hiatus. In other words they were going to pack it in.

I envy and have huge respect for the Musicians who get up on stage, to share the Dream of their Music. Where does this music from? Some call it a soul. That I believe is where your creativity sits, waiting for the moment for you to share it with the world. It is your “Gift to the world”. Never, ever give up on your Dreams.

The “Easy” things in life, no one cares about or respects. It is the Hard Stuff, which helps make us who we really are. Being a Musician is not easy. More than a few very successful amazing Musicians suffer from “Live Performance Anxiety” or “Stage Fright“. But, they still drag themselves on that stage and share their gift of Music with the world. They never let their Dream fade away.

This is “your” life. Let your Music shine and share it with the world. Songs and Music can and do affect people’s lives. Music is very often attached to our most treasured memories.

You are an amazing Musician. Share your gift with the World.

Never, ever give up on your Dreams.


Posted by: Vincent Banial for Uniquely Toronto