I Mother Earth is back with a rockin new single titled “The Devil’s Engine”

Dan, our buddy, is a huge fan of I Mother Earth. The other day he suggested that I check out a new tune that they had just released on Feb 15, titled “The Devil’s Engine”.

“The Devil’s Engine” is the new single released by I Mother Earth. A slightly different sound from these 1990’s Rockers. It’s also just over 5 minutes long. The first impression when the song begins is that I Mother Earth has been influenced by Marilyn Manson. That quickly changes as the song progresses. The latter part of the song also has a different feel to it from the first 2 to 3 minutes.

I searched the official sites to see if I can embed a tune video on this site, without success. I did find a YouTube channel which is playing “The Devil’s Engine” within a posted video. I have no clue if that YouTube channel has authorization from the Band and so will not include it in this post.

You can download “The Devil’s Engine” via Apple iTunes, just by clicking on this line.

Our Thanks go out to Dan for giving us the Heads Up on this new single from this well regarded Toronto Band. Nice to see I Mother Earth back in game again. Their old fans will be thrilled and many new fans will learn about and get to enjoy this great TO band.

Click on this line to visit the official I Mother Earth website. They have a blog post there about the process how “The Devil’s Engine” was recorded – an interesting read.

Below you will find a few concert dates, where you can catch I Mother Earth performing. Visit their facebook page for more dates into the summer months.

May 2, 2015 20:00 PMThe Phoenix Concert Theatre,  Toronto, ON

May 22 2015 19:00 OM   Kinsmen Fair Grounds – PMRainmaker Music Fest  St. Albert, AB

Jun 13 2015 Brantford’s WTFestBig Wreck is on the same bill 



Posted by: Vincent Banial

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