Human Cloning Questions: Will your Human Clone actually have a Soul?

There are people who actually remember their birth.

I believe that young children will have birth memories, which do not pass the 3 years of age memory gap and which then become part of the fog of infantile amnesia.

Apparently they (or their Human Soul) enters the body (Ensoulment) at the time of Birth.

That brings up the question: Will your Human Clone have a Soul?

Another question could be: Can a Human Soul be shared between two individual human bodies?

If your Soul is inside your body, can it also dwell inside your Clone’s body at the same time?

Some believe that animals have no Soul.

The Dogs which I have been fortunate to have shared parts of my life with, I believe definitely had a Soul. In fact, their Souls were probably way better than my Soul.

Photo of an American Spaniel. Photo credit Vincent Banial

Our Dogs would never hold “a grudge”. We could shoo them off the couch when we had guests and the dogs would continue to love and care for us, as if nothing had happened.

As for me, I am quite capable of holding “a grudge” and can make people well aware of that fact. Eventually the grudge which I hold will fade, but it takes time – sometimes a very long time….

Our Dogs on the other hand,  would always practice instantaneous “Forgiveness and Love“.

I mention family pets, because animals have been cloned.  If I am correct and animals do have Souls, then where did the Cloned animals get their Souls from? Was their Soul somehow shared?

It was announced in the news (long ago) that a Human Embryo had been cloned. Such an Embryo was inside a petri dish and not inside a Human Mother. In effect it was already “born” into this world.

If it is true that the Soul enters the body at the time of Human Birth, then did that Cloned Human Embryo already have a Soul?


Posted by: Vincent Banial

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