Human Cloning Questions: What happens if your Wife falls in Love with your Human Clone?

What happens if your Wife falls in Love with your Human Clone?

It could easily happen.

Your Clone will be young and vigorous, while you will be “just OLD”.

Could your Wife divorce you and then marry your Clone?

In such a case her Lawyer could argue that your Wife had “not” been “cheating” on you?

Your Wife’s extramarital affair with your Clone, is in reality “not” an extramarital affair, is it?

Your Wife moving in with your Clone, could also work for your kids. They would still have the same Dad, sort of.

Actually your wife might not need to get a divorce, since she would in effect remain married to you, You and your “younger” Clone, are in reality the very same person.

Her Lawyer could argue that your Wife should continue to have full access to your Martial Home and also to all your personal and mutual assets.

At least your Clone and your Wife would be happy.

I wonder how you might feel, if they locked you out of your own home by changing the locks on all the doors???

Posted by: Vincent Banial

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