Tina S covers Van Halen’s Erruption solo and then covers Gary Moore’s The Loner. You must see this awesome guitarist play

In the past, I had written about Tina S on the blog at my photo site.

Tina S is a young French female guitarist. Her videos are jaw dropping.

In this video Tina S rips thru the solo from Van Halen’s Erruption. This was filmed back in 2013 when Tina S was only 14 years old.

Video is courtesy of the Tina S YouTube channel

Tina S also reminds me of reigning Guitar Queen Desiree Bassett
when she was introduced on stage by Sammy Hagar

The next video is from 2014 and in it Tina S covers Gary Moore’s The Loner

Video is courtesy of the Tina S YouTube channel

I’d love to photograph Tina S performing live, but suspect that I would just stand there staring in awe with my jaw dropped and not take a single photo. An absolutely wonderful musician…

Click on this line to visit the Tina S Facebook page.


Posted by: Vincent Banial

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