Gumball 3000 Gumball Get Together on Wed Sept 25th 2013

Great combination featuring Krispy Kreme donuts and exotic automotive eye candy. 

The good folks who organize the Gumball 3000, will again be holding another one of their Gumball Get Together meets at the Shannon Corner Krispy Kreme in South West London,  England.

When? On Wednesday Sept 25th 2013.

All makes and models welcome. They will reserves parking space for Exotics and Super Exotics. More info at

This post is mainly for our readers who can make it to this event.

The rest of us can only wish that we could be there with you…

Disclaimer: All info above is subject to change without notice. I have included links to official Gumball 3000 websites, making it easy to confirm dates, times and location with the good folks at Gumball 3000.