Taylor Wilson’s Nuclear Reactor design can change the world and maybe make him the world’s first Trillionaire

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So who is Taylor Wilson? Taylor Wilson is a young man, who has recently graduated from High School. He is also a genius, without doubt.

I do not believe that money is his motivator, but I highly suspect that he could become the world’s first Trillionaire.

He has redesigned the way a Nuclear Fission Reactor would work. His design is said to be incredibly safe to operate. He also has visions of his reactor design being used to power mankind’s space voyages of the future.

English: Boiling water reactor system diagram

English: Boiling water reactor system diagram (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

His fission reactor design is smaller by design and he states that the components  can be mass-produced, on assembly lines. Henry Ford change the world with similar ideas about automobile production.

The Wilson reactors will be smaller, far safer, lower in cost and at least 50% more efficient than present designs. That means about 50% more electric power generation, when compared to the present day nuclear reactors.

He states that the final cost of the electricity produced will be competitive with natural gas-powered electric power generation.

Nuclear fission reactors typically require that their fuel rods be replaced approx every 12 to 18 months. The Taylor Wilson nuclear fission reactor design has the nuclear fuel being replaced every 30 years. That will dramatically reduce operating costs and the need for safe and secure storage of waste nuclear fuel rods.

To make the nuclear reactor installation safer and more secure, the Taylor Wilson reactor would be installed underground, Unlike reactors in present use, the Wilson reactor design functions in a non pressurized containment vessel. So if a crack were to develop in the containment vessel, there would be no pressurized release of nuclear material or contaminated gasses.

Unlike at Fukushima Japan, the Wilson reactor can be shutdown by totally stopping the nuclear fission reaction. The danger of hydrogen gas buildup, is also eliminated in the Taylor Wilson design. That in turn eliminates the possibility of a hydrogen explosion and release of nuclear material into the atmosphere which occurred in Japan.

China’s continued growth could be a huge market for the Taylor Wilson designed Nuclear Reactor. Japan could consider his reactors to provide Japan’s power generation needs. Solar and Wind power generation can only supply a comparatively small fractions of Europe’s electric power needs. The Taylor Wilson designed reactors could supply Europe’s requirements and do it very safely and at a cost far lower than present day Solar power generation.

The Taylor Wilson design results in a small reactor, but it is capable of generating 50 megaWatts of electrical power. The more compact design, low-cost and high safety could mean the reactor could also be used by mining and oil companies. One clear customer could be the oil sands developers in Canada. The Taylor Wilson reactors could provide the power to run the steam generators at Alberta oil sands sites, for example. I could go and on.

Based on the above points, I believe that Taylor Wilson stands a very good chance of becoming the world’s first Trillionaire. His design is as much a game changer as Henry Ford’s production lines were.

My suggestion to readers, would be to do more research on Taylor Wilson.

It is my opinion that Taylor Wilson has come up with something that can change the world, much like Henry Ford did…