The Phlegraen Fields Super Volcano in Naples Italy is said to be rising at a rate of 3cm per month.

English: "At Yellowstone and some other v...

English: “At Yellowstone and some other volcanoes, some scientists theorize that the earth’s crust fractures and cracks in a concentric or ring-fracture pattern. At some point these cracks reach the magma “reservoir,” release the pressure, and the volcano explodes. The huge amount of material released causes the volcano to collapse into a huge crater—a caldera.” From (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The English edition of The Voice of Russia Radio, recently had an interesting post about the Phlegraen Fields Super Volcano in Naples, Italy. The ground there,  is said to be rising monthly along with surface soil temperatures. Much like a balloon expanding, while being filled with super hot gas and magma.

Yellowstone, in the USA, is another Super Volcano. IMHO, it makes a lot of sense to move US industrial production to China. Should the Yellowstone Super Volcano erupt, as it seems to have done about every 600,000 years, it would be a disaster. It’s now been over 600,000 years since the last eruption at Yellowstone. The odds are that an eruption at Yellowstone, could come sooner rather than later.

But I digress. The Russian article was discussing the Super Volcano in Europe. As the balloon fills, it expands. Should the process continue, that balloon will eventually burst.

The tiny Volcanic eruption in Iceland, in recent years, caused havoc with European air travel due to the release of high volumes of Volcanic Ash. That volcano was insignificant in size, when compared to the Italian Phlegraen Fields Super Volcano in Naples.

You can get more info and  read that informative article by clicking on the following link: Super volcano awakening in Italy?