ITER Fusion Reactor experiment gets approval. Will there be an Earth Pole shift, when the reactor powers up for Nuclear Fusion?

English: nuclearfusion.jpg

English: nuclearfusion.jpg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When the ITER experiment attempts nuclear fusion, the temperature inside the magnetic field will be approx 150 Million degrees Celsius. The visible surface of the sun is only approx 5,500 degrees Celsius. The core of the sun is said to be approx 15 million degrees Celsius. Click on the following link for more details about the Sun’s temperature:  How Hot is the Sun?

They plan on creating something many times hotter than the core of our sun. They also plan on containing this within a magnetic bottle. The magnetic bottle will be created by immense super conducting electro magnets. Essentially it will be a like a 50 megaWatt Toroid electro magnet.

Reversals of Earth's magnetic field

Reversals of Earth’s magnetic field (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What happens if the material which is many times hotter than the core of our sun, escapes from the magnetic bottle? Could it melt thru to Earth’s core?

Earth’s core is suspected to consist of crystalline iron.  Objects with iron can be moved with magnets. The magnetic field generated by the ITER reactor will be immense. When the experiment tries for sustained nuclear fusion, the magnetic field will be the largest magnetic field ever created by humans.

English: A sketch of Earth's magnetic field. S...

English: A sketch of Earth’s magnetic field. Shows that Earth’s interior has a magnet with its south Pole under Earth’s magnetic North pole. Earth’s magnetic field is generated due to a dynamo which creates a large currents in its outer liquid iron core. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How will earth’s crystalline iron core react? My understanding is that the core is not in the shape of perfect sphere. More rectangular and elongated. Could the ITER reactor cause Earth’s Magnetic Pole to shift ? If so, what could happen as a result of a such a Pole Shift?

How will Earth’s magnetic field react to the ITER electro magnetic field?

They expect to keep the reactor cool using a pressurized water cooling system. Hope that there are no water leaks.

You can learn more about the grand ITER experiment by clicking the following link: ITER Nuclear Fusion Official Site.


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