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Magic TV. Yet another superbly executed Silvio Santos prank video

Silvio Santos is a Brazilian TV show. They also feature pranks which are often extremely well thought out and produced. I find their Câmera Escondida prank videos are hilarious and rather addictive.
Today’s Silvio Santos Câmera Escondida video features a Sales guy in a Television Sales Area (not unlike what you might find at a place like Best Buy). The Sales Rep invites customers to sit down and watch a presentation showing off the wonders of a brand new Magic TV. The actor playing the TV Sales Guy is great, as is his timing.

Wish that the TV show Silvio Santos could be available up here in Canada. Much Thanks goes out to YouTube for hosting the SBT Online Channel on YouTube. Hope you all enjoy another laugh.

Video is courtesy of the SBT Online YouTube channel



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Silvio Santos Prank Video. Restaurant Natural Soup Festival

It’s been a while since I posted about those amazing Silvio Santos Prank videos. It’s a South American (Brazilian I believe) TV show. The stuff they pull off is fun to watch.

Please check out some of my prior posts about the Silvio Santos Prank Videos, by clicking on the Videos menu choice which runs along the top area of this blog. This prank features a Natural Soup Festival at a Restaurant.

Video is courtesy of SBTonline and their YouTube channel

Silvio Santos hilarious Mirror Prank Video.

I happened upon my first Silvio Santos prank video by chance, and have become hooked on them. They are exceptionally well executed.  Silvio Santos is a Television Show from Brazil. Don’t worry about not understanding what they are saying in the video. Everyone, from anywhere in the world, will understand what is going on.

This Silvio Santos prank features a mirror in a public room where ladies can touch up their hair and makeup. I’ll try and feature more of these hilarious videos in future posts. Hope that you enjoy viewing this as much as I do.

Video is courtesy of SBTonline and their YouTube channel