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30 years of Failed Climate Change Predictions

Global Warming Fear Mongers have made many Dire Predictions about the consequences of Global Warming err Climate Change. Looking back, you will find that their Dire Dredictions had failed.

Click on this link to visit the National Post news website to read their news article titled: “Conrad Black: Thirty years of climate hysterics being proven wrong over and over again“.

Heck, they even had to change the name to Climate Change, as it was proven that Global Warming had stopped decades ago. They also had to stop using a photo of a Polar Bear out on some ice pack, because Polar Bear populations have been rising for many years, per Canadian Government Polar Bear Census.

Click on this line to visit The Global warming Policy Foundation to read their post titled: “AS POLAR BEAR NUMBERS INCREASE, GWPF CALLS FOR RE-ASSESSMENT OF ENDANGERED SPECIES STATUS“.

BTW, Polar Bears are great swimmers.  Excellent way to waste Tax Payers money doing a Polar Bear Census over a number of years, to appease the Global Warming Fear Mongers. All they had to do was to speak with the Inuit people living in Canada’s far North. who would confirm that Polar Bears populations had been going up for years.

Video is courtesy of the Tony Heller YouTube channel

Posted by Vincent Banial