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Global spread of WannaCry Ransomware – Mon May 15 2017

Video is courtesy of the NIC Webcast YouTube channel

WannaCry Ransomware is continuing the spread around the globe. Some have even called it the start of a CyberWar. Russian President Putin is apparently blaming the U.S. for creating the tool set. Microsoft is apparently pointing that it is the stolen software tools from the N.S.A (National Security Agency).

Click on this link to visit the Kaspersky Lab SecureList blog site to read their detailed coverage titled “WannaCry ransomware used in widespread attacks all over the world”

I’m going to try something new, by featuring links to current news and major website posts related to the Global spread of WannaCry Ransomware:

Click on this link to visit the Microsoft Blog to read their post titled: “The need for urgent collective action to keep people safe online: Lessons from last week’s cyberattack” by Brad Smith – President and Chief Legal Officer.

The following is a paragraph from Brad Smith’s post:
All of this provides the broadest example yet of so-called “ransomware,” which is only one type of cyberattack. Unfortunately, consumers and business leaders have become familiar with terms like “zero day” and “phishing” that are part of the broad array of tools used to attack individuals and infrastructure. We take every single cyberattack on a Windows system seriously, and we’ve been working around the clock since Friday to help all our customers who have been affected by this incident. This included a decision to take additional steps to assist users with older systems that are no longer supported. Clearly, responding to this attack and helping those affected needs to be our most immediate priority.

Kudos go out to Microsoft for providing the Security Update for Windows XP:

Windows XP SP2 x64,

Windows XP SP3 x86,

Windows XP Embedded SP3 x86,

Click on this Link to visit the Wall Street Journal website to read their post “Cyberattack Is Likely to Keep Spreading. In the post they state that WannaCry Ransomware has spread to over 150 countries. Yesterday I had checked a tracking site which stated that over 230,000 computers had been hit with WannaCry. The Tracker only keeps track of those PCs which were still connected to the internet.

Click on this Link to visit The Telegraph news site to read their post “Cyber attack latest: Vladimir Putin blames US for hack as thousands more computers hit by ransomware“.

Click on this Link to visit the CyberSecurity Firm Malwaretech to view their live tracker for WannaCry / WannaCrypt.

Click on this Link to visit the Yahoo Tech site to read the Associated Press article “The Latest: 29,000 Chinese institutions hit by cyberattack“.

Click on this link to visit the Associated Press news site to read their article “Log in, look out: Cyber chaos may grow at workweek’s start.

Click on this link to view other CyberSecurity related posts found on Uniquely Toronto.

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Installed Windows 10 Technical Preview Build 9841 today. Super quick and easy install. Very stable. No issues found

Windows 9 magically became the Windows 10 Technical Preview

I installed Windows 10 Technical Preview Build 9841 today and was blown away. The install was super quick (including the NTFS format of a new Hard Drive) with very little prompting. Almost automatic and on an old AMD Phenom cpu based computer. Continue reading

Microsoft Surface Mini is a real Microsoft designed Tablet.

The Microsoft Surface Mini (8″ ?) would probably be available in your local Best Buy, had sales of the Surface RT met targets. Microsoft stated more or less that much in  it’s fourth quarter 2014 financial results.Click on this line to view Microsoft’s official Fourth Quarter Financial Results page.

The Computer and Gaming Hardware section is about 3/4 of the way down that report. Under the heading titled “Computer and Gaming Hardware” one will find the following info:  “Gross margin increased $665 million compared to the prior year, which included the Surface RT inventory adjustment charge. Current year cost of revenue included Surface inventory adjustments resulting from our transition to newer generation devices and a decision to not  ship a new form factor.“.

Note the use of the words “to not ship a new form factor”. You cannot ship a new product (or not ship it), if said product had not already been produced and packaged ready for shipping. Hmmm. Still don’t believe that the Microsoft Surface Mini is a real Microsoft designed tablet?

Read the original Surface Pro 3 User Manual and read the sections discussing the included Pen and it’s use with OneNote. For example on Page 25,  you will find tidbits like “Click the top button to open OneNote, even if your Surface is locked. Bluetooth technology links your Surface Pen to your Surface Mini or Surface Pro 3,“.

Click on this line to read the “original” Surface Pro 3 Manual online on the Scribd website. Scroll down to page 25 to confirm the above and then see how many other references you can find to the “Surface Mini” in the rest of that Official Microsoft Surface Pro 3 User Guide.

Out of curiosity I also did a Google search on “Surface-Pro-3-User-Guide-English.pdf”. There is a link to a Microsoft D/L. That D/L link description has the words “no mini” in it. Neat eh? So I downloaded it and sure enough the apparently “revised” version no longer mentions the Surface Mini.

There is also a sales page on Amazon, for a MS Surface Mini case.

I could post the image of the Surface Mini mounted inside the case, but have to respect the photograph owner’s copyright and so I have added a link below, to that sales page on Amazon.

Click on this line to view an item listed for sale on Amazon.

That item listed is a case for the Microsoft Surface Mini, but it includes a supposed Surface Mini in the photo.

I wonder what the Tablet Market would be like if Microsoft had released the Surface Mini, instead of the Surface RT?