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“Rivolta” gives an insight into the Exploits of a 15-year-old “Elite” Hacker named Michael ‘MafiaBoy’ Calce, who had taken down the websites of some of the largest companies.

Michael “MafiaBoy” Calce was just 15 years old. During his Exploit days, prior to being arrested, he had taken down the websites of some of the largest companies in the world, causing an estimated $1.7 billion in losses. He realized the depth of what he had done, after watching a news program where then President Clinton spoke about what “Mafiaboy” had done.

This video: “Rivolta: Inside the Mind of Canada’s Most Notorious Hacker” was produced by HP Canada. “Rivolta” was directed by Hubert Davis.

In one way this young person was extremely curious and yet his educators did not pick-up on that, so he sought out info elsewhere. In one part of the video, Michael Calce talked about taking a computer programming class in Pascal, but showed his instructor that he could code the course examples in far more powerful and complex “C Language“.

How many other genius kids who have the inner desire to learn, are also being missed by their Educators? Yes, this video is about the Exploits of a 15-year-old “Elite” Hacker, but it is also about an Educational System which in my opinion failed this young lad.

Video is courtesy of the HP Canada YouTube channel


“Hack the Air Force” is a new White Hat Hacking contest. The United States Air Force is inviting vetted computer security specialists from across the U.S. and select partner nations to do their best to hack some of its key public websites.

Posted by Vincent Banial

The recent DOD ‘Hack the Pentagon’ contest was a success. That contest was limited to US based Cyber Security enthusiasts. The United States Air Force “Hack the Air Force” contest,  will be expanding the opportunity to join in the contest by allowing individuals and groups from the following countries to also participate (in addition to US Citizens): United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

The Hack the Air Force contest is being run with the help of CyberSeurity Firm HackerOne. The HackerOne platform will help allows White Hat Hackers to submit their Security Holes in a safe and secure manner.

Video is courtesy of the HackerOne YouTube channel

On the HackerOne main website page they state :
“77% of Programs Find Security Vulnerabilities within 24 Hours.”.

This sounds like a great move by the Department of Defence and the US Air Force. The prior “hack the Pentagon” contest was a great success. This new Hack the Air Force contest will allow non-US based CyberSecurity Talent to participate. The more people joining the contest the more Security Vulnerabilities I suspect will be found.

This should be a win-win for bothe the Air Force and for the White Hat Hackers. The HackerOne facebook page states that $16 Million in bounties have been paid out in prior HackerOne coordinated White Hat Hacking events.

Registration for the ‘Hack the Air Force’ event opens May 15 on the HackerOne website. The contest opens May 30 and ends June 23. Military members and government civilians are not eligible for compensation but can participate on-duty with supervisor approval. Mark your calendars and make sure that you register starting on May

Mark your calendars and make sure that you register starting on May 15 2017.

Click on this link to visit the official US Air Force site to read their news Release about this new “Hack the Air Foce” White Hat Hacking contest.

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