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“SysAdmin’s Essential Guide to Linux Workstation Security” free eBook from The Linux Foundation

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Photo courtesy of Gerd Altmann  – CC0 License. Vincent Banial modified the look & feel.

The Linux Foundation is offering a free download eBook titled: “SysAdmin’s Essential Guide to Linux Workstation Security“.

The suggestions offered in their eBook, are based on 3 level levels of security which one would want. These are:

(ESSENTIAL) items, if “not implemented” could introduce high risks to your workstation security.

(NICE) to have items will increase the overall security, but may require learning new habits or unlearning old ones.

(PARANOID) items could significantly improve your workstation security but may require time to learn new ways of doing things.

Click on this link to visit The Linux Foundation website and download your own copy of their eBook titled:SysAdmin’s Essential Guide to Linux Workstation Security.

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