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Jonathan Bates of Big Black Delta and Mellowdrone has had his place robbed and 90% of his worldly possessions stolen

This is posted just in case someone reading this comes across some of Jonathan’s property. If you do, then plse post him a msg on the Big Black Delta facebook page.The following is taken directly from the Big Black Delta facebook page. Posted on May 15 at 5:20pm:

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Today I found out I was robbed of about 90% of my earthly possessions.
Gear, thousands of records, tons of books, stage lights, vacuum cleaner (that one esp. stings as it was a choice vacuum), etc.

To my local buds (eastside especially) who frequent all the music and gear stores:
-if you see something, or someone pawns something that looks like Mellowdrone or Big Black Delta gear, hit me up. (Fender Coronados, cases with the BBD or mellowdrone logo on them)

I am thankful that this was a non violent crime.
Atleast I still got some clothes and a petulant cat.

Posted by: Vincent Banial for Uniquely Toronto