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“Somewhere in the world there is a defeat for everyone.”John Steinbeck

To paraphrase another American writer, life breaks us all. Whether we want it or not. And, yes, some are stronger at the broken places. Some are not.

We are defeated simply because there’s a lot more to learn from defeat than from victory. Grief, pain, and anger only serve as lessons.

It’s necessary. For us to evolve, for us to ask ourselves if it’s in our powers to change something.

About ourselves. About the world around us. Or the people in it.

You know the saying that the only true constant in life is change? Well… oftentimes change is painful. We are still terrified by the unknown, by what it represents.

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The punch you don’t see coming

Perfect Timing. Your words hit home with me and I suspect will hit home with someone else. I hope that you will not mind if I print out this post and give it to someone. It may help them deal with the punch which life has thrown at them. I also believe that they will become an active reader of your wonderful blog.