Pyramid of Kukulkan power grid still able to store energy from an overhead storm

The photo has been authenticated. It was made using an Apple IPhone. I don’t think the beam is a beam of light. I think that it may be a beam of charged particles (ions or electrons?). The storm clouds overhead would have an electrical charge. The pyramid could be an energy storage device which still seems to function after all the centuries gone past.

I have actually visited that Pyramid. The entire site is huge. You can walk up the side of the Pyramid. Coming back down was. to put it mildly, rather scary as you could tumble down head first. In my mind, the steps were designed for short humanoids. I was also inside that Pyramid.

Jaime Maussan Investigation – Beam of Light on the Pyramid of Kukulkan from Ritchy Niburu on Vimeo.



Posted by Vincent Banial