Sony’s new 63ft by 17ft TV with 16K screen resolution

Sony has been showing off it’s latest TV. It would not likely fit into your home, because it measures 63 feet in length by 17 feet in height.

Ok, lets explain what 16K resolution means relative to present day HD TV or 1080P resolution. The next step up above HD TV is 4K TV, which has a resolution 4x times that of HD TV.

Click on this link to visit the BBC website to read their article titled: “Sony creates colossal 16K screen in Japan“.

It continues, with each step up in screen quality being 4 times the prior version. So an 8K TV has 4 times the resolution of the 4 K TV. A 16K TV has 4 times the screen resoltion of the an 8K TV.

So a 16K TV will have It has four times as many pixels as an 8K TV, sixteen times as many pixels as 4K TV and sixty-four times as many pixels as your typical home HD TV.

To Stream 4K video from Netflix, they recommend that your Internet Download speed can handle 25 Mega Bits Per Second for each device. If you stream two videos, to two different devices then your Internet must be able to handle 50 Mbps download speeds. Other devices using the internet at the same time would require even more Bandwidth. If you have Cable or Fiber Internet at home, then you should be OK.

For 16K Video Streaming I suspect that one would need to have Gigabit Fiber Service to their home, providing 1,000 Mbps Download connection capability. Even Gigabit Fiber may not work as the packets will stream from say Netflix to your home, but along the way it will pass thru multiple networks. Then consider a very large city where you could have a million homes trying to stream 16K video after supper time. I doubt that the Internet as it now stand would be able to handle such traffic, along with all the other Internet Traffic.

One work around would be to compress the Video before streaming. You know create a ZIP file of the video. Then decompress the file when it arrives at your home. Might have to split up the video into sections. High speed computers could handle decompressing the streaming video file and then displaying the 16K video.

Just remember at the beginning of TV it was all grainy Black and White video captured via a home Antenna. But it was free…
Posted by Vincent Banial