McLaren 650S crashed at 186 MPH. Driver survived

In Germany there are no speed limits on certain roadways. A guy and apparently his girlfriend went out on one of the No Speed Limit highways in his father’s McLaren 650S. He informed the Police that he had been driving at 186 MPH (in the left lane where there is no speed limit). He then lost control, swerving into the right lane and then into a crash barrier. His passenger was thrown out of the vehicle as her seatbelt snapped off. The driver survived. There was no mention of the Driver being severely injured.

Aside from the very sad of the loss of a life, this speaks well of the construction of the Mclaren 650S. The driver survived the 186 MPH crash. I highly doubt that would be the case with most regular cars out on the road even crashing at half the speed at which the McLaren had crashed.

I’m also rather amazed that the tires on the McLaren held up at such a high speed.

Click on this link to visit the Yahoo page to read the new article titled: “‘Millionaire’s son’ kills friend, 18, after crashing £257,000 McLaren supercar at 186mph“.

BTW, I am in no way suggesting that it is OK to drive any car on a public highway at such insanely high speeds. What if they had come upon a slower driving Porsche which was driving at say 100 Mph? The braking distance needed at 186 MPH would likely cause a high speed rear end crash. Try hammering on the brakes while traveling at 186MPH and controlling the car and praying that the tires do not melt or  burst into flames.