Technological Unemployment. By 2020 over 70% of companies will start to use use machines to perform tasks previously done by humans

Robotic Process Automation is what corporate leaders are calling the replacement of Human worker with machines. Creating Technological Unemployment is very big business.


Click on this link to visit The New York Times website to read their article titled “The Hidden Automation Agenda of the Davos Elite“.


Video is courtesy of the PBS NewsHour YouTube channel


Click on this link to visit the UBS Investment Bank Website to read their article titled “The evolution of artificial intelligence.


When corporate leaders are focused on Hoarding More Money, they lose site of one important fact. That is when people are replaced by machines, those Consumers will not have jobs and so will not have Spending Money in their pockets and will lose their ability to consume goods and services.


Consumers Spending Money is what drives the World Economies. When the “Spending Money” dries up and disappears for millions of people, then the world economies will dive into a Major Depression.