John McAfee has been charged with Felonies by the Internal Revenue Service

John McAfee has done amazing things in his life.Often on the leading edge of things to come.

He created McAfee, a leading-edge cybersecurity company, which sells McAfee AntiVirus Software.

He is a strong advocate and backer of Cryptocurrency.

He is also running for the office of President of the United States (in 2020).


Video courtesy of the COINKOREA YouTube channel


He has not filed any Income Tax forms nor paid any Income Taxes apparently over the last 8 years. Here are his words on that “I have not paid taxes for eight years. I have made no secret of it … Today, Jan. 22, the IRS has convened a grand jury in the state of Tennessee to charge myself, my wife, Mrs. McAfee, four of my campaign workers with unspecified IRS crimes of a felonious nature. They want to silence me.“.


As long as he stays unconvicted, he can continue his run for political office. Being charged and being convicted are two different things. He will continue his campaign for the office of President of the United States, in exile from his Yacht.


Click on this link to visit the Crypto.IQ website to read their post titled “Crypto Proponent John McAfee Fleeing United States After Being Charged With Felonies by IRS; Will Run Presidential Campaign from a Boat.