1,500 Private Jets to ferry attendees to the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos

Private Jets will fill the sky at Davos. Huge Limousines will then fill the streets of Davos. And no one will even mention the massive Carbon Footprint of the World Economic Forum (WEF) Attendees.

But what about the massive Carbon Footprints of World Economic Forum (WEF) Attendees in Davos and the impact on Global Warming – err Climate Change?

The silence speaks volumes.

Click on this line to visit the Air Charter Service website to read their article titled “1,500 PRIVATE JETS PREDICTED TO DESCEND ON DAVOS THIS WEEK“.

This is nothing new. Pretty much the same occurred last year at the 2018 WEF in Davos.


Video is courtesy of the Mass Tea Party – Wake Up America! YouTube Channel


Click on this link to visit the ZeroHedge website to read their article titled “1,500 Private Jets To Descend On Davos This Week, Up 50% From Last Year“.