Huawei is the market leader in 5G Technology. They also compete in the Cell Phone market. Maybe that is why they are being attacked.

Huawei has invested Millions in research and development of 5G. Huawei is recognized as the world leader in the new 5G Cellular technology, which will bring with it the new Internet.

Video is courtesy of the RT America YouTube channel

Instead of investing time and money to create better technology, it is easier to harass this company and it’s executives. Using Fear Mongering by saying that Huawei is spying for the Chinese Government. Kinda like the Pot calling the Kettle black. Edward Snowden revealed how extensive US spying was.

Video is courtesy of the Wall Street Journal

So far Canada has arrested a major Huawei Excutive, apparently at the request of the US Government. I suspect strings were pulled and Poland comes out with yet another and more serious charge against another Huawei Executive. Funny how German and French Security and Intelligence Services have not said a word. Why? Maybe because Huawei does not spy for the Chinese Government and they will not allow themselves to be bullied into a false action.

Europe is a major market for Huawei. IMHO this is an attempt to stop the sale of Technically Superior Huawei 5G equipment in Europe.

Video is courtesy of the Wall Street Journal

If you cannot compete with better 5G Technology then hey maybe your government can Tar and Feather the competition who has developed better 5G Technology.

Video is courtesy of The Real News Network YouTube channel

Recent Quarterly Reports from Apple, indicated that iPhone sales in China were slowing down. Huawei also competes in the Cell Phone market and their Cell Phone sales are growing. Might be another reason for the under handed attacks on Huawei.

Video is courtesy of the Wall Street Journal