Woodstock 2019. Golden Anniversary, 3 Day Concert/Festival.

50 Years later, the Woodstock site will see another 3 day concert festival on Aug 16, 17 and 18th of 2019.

If you were not able able to make it to Max Yasgur’s farm and the original Woodstock Festival, now is your chance to be part of the Bethel Woods Music and Culture Festival 2019.

A Concert venue was built on the original Woodstock site. It is now called the Bethel Woods Center For The Arts.

The Golden Anniversary Woodstock Festival has been announced but the performers list has not yet been made available.

Video is courtesy of the StupeurAlice YouTube Channel.

The Official Statement from Bethel Woods CEO: “We are thrilled to partner with Live Nation and INVNT to produce Bethel Woods Music and Culture Festival,” said Darlene Fedun, CEO, BWCA. “Fifty years ago, people gathered peacefully on our site inspired to change the world through music. As the stewards of this historic site, we remain committed to preserving this rich history and spirit, and to educating and inspiring new generations to contribute positively to the world through music, culture, and community.”

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Everything is subject to change without notice – plse check the Bethel Woods site to updated info