Petya Ransomware Major Global Attack

WannaCry Ransomware paved the way by showing how to quickly spread across the Global Internet. It focused on on a vulnerability with Windows SMB which had been there for years and only exploited by Nation State employed Hackers.

Petya Ransonware, as has been named by the Security Staff at Kaspersky Lab, learned much from the WannaCry outbreak. Petya Ransomware has spread to thousands of computers at major institutions across the Globe. Petya ransomware is just starting. This is a major Ransomware attack.

It is basically a Worm which was first spread by malicious XL spreadsheets. Once on a network it stays in memory and as such is no so easy to detect and protect against. It looks like it is also focusing on the Windows SMB protocol and the Ports which support SMB.No wonder the focus on SMB as Petya use EternalBlue code as did WannaCry

My big fear is that Banks and Financial Institution had been targeted by Petya Ransomware. If it infects a large number of Banks then we could possibly see a Major Banking Crisis. It might be an idea to keep some cash on hand, in a safe place. Because it operates as Worm Code it is hard to detect and eliminate.

I will prepare a full review later this week. In the meantime the following are links which will shed light on what is happening. Some of the protective measures which stopped WannaCry Ransomware in it’s tracks, like disabling SMB ports, could also work to stop or slow the spread of Petya Ransomware.

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Video is courtesy of the F-Secure YouTube channel

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Posted by Vincent Banial