WannaCry Ransomware infected Traffic Cameras in Australia and Honda’s Sayama factory

Posted by Vincent Banial

WannaCry Ransomware is far from dead. It is still out there on the internet, searching for more victims.

Uniquely Toronto recently had extensive coverage about WannaCry Ransomware and Security Patches and had links to Security Patches and steps to better Secure computers against WannaCry.

When Wannacry was first discovered, Automobile manufacturing plants had been affected after WannaCry infected the Auto Plant’s computers. Seems that the IT folks at a Hond Auto Plant in Japan have not been folllowing the Cyber Security news. WannaCry Ransomware infected Honda’s Sayama car production plant this week.

Click on this link to visit the Reuters News post about Wannacry being found on the computer newtwork at Honda’s Sayama car production plant this week.

Apparently the WannaCry Ransomware was also spread to over 50 Traffic cameras via a USB memory stick. That happened in Austalia. Since wannacry encrypts owner created files on a computer, I would assume it would encrypt any JPGS or video files created by the Traffic cameras. Interesting that it is being claimed that it was spread by the use of a USB Memory stick. A good question to ask, would be “Where has that USB stick been plugged into a computer which was connected to the main system network”. USB Memory sticks generally have to be plugged into a computer to acquire ransomware.

Click on this link to visit the 3Aw News Radio Station’s post about wannacry infecting Traffice camera in Austalia.

Traffice cameras must be a huge money maker. The wannaCry ransomware infection was started apparently on June 6. So by June 22 at least 8,000 Traffic Tickets may be withdrawn because of the infection of the Traffic camera. Those cameras must generate huge amounts of money for the city and for insurance companies and for the court system of lawyers, judges and clerks. Nice money making scheme with possibly little impact on traffic safety. 8,000 tickets in two weeks!!!

Click on this link to visit the Canadian Global News page to read their post titled: “8,000 red-light camera traffic tickets withdrawn in Australia due to WannaCry virus”.


Posted by: Vincent Banial