CERT had issued Vulnerability Note VU#867968 advising about the SMB vulnerability in Microsoft Windows

WannaCry Ransomware seems to have appeared out of the blue. Because of it thousands of people have searched the internet to find out how to disable SMB on their Microsoft Windows based Servers and Workstations and Personal Computers. Thousands had dropped by Uniquely Toronto to read out posts which provided details on ways to disable SMB v1.0.

Now Adylkuzz is running another major attack which is underway and uses the SMB vulnerability in Windows.

There was a prior Cert advisory titled: “Vulnerability Note VU#867968” (Microsoft Windows SMB Tree Connect Response denial of service vulnerability) was issued on Feb 02 2017.

In March Microsoft issued their Microsoft Security Bulletin MS17-012 which addressed the SMB issue.

There was also an even earlier US-CERT Advisory posted on Jan 16 2017 titled: “SMB Security Best Practices”, which suggested “blocking outbound SMB connections (TCP ports 139 and 445 along with UDP ports 137 and 138) from the local network to the WAN. “. Port blocking can be done using your Firewall Software (or Hardware)

“US-CERT cautions users and administrators that disabling or blocking SMB may create problems by obstructing access to shared files, data, or devices. The benefits of mitigation should be weighed against potential disruptions to users. For more information on SMB, please review Microsoft Security Advisories 2696547 (link is external) and 204279 (link is external).”

Microsoft Windows MS17-010 Security Update: https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/security/ms17-010.aspx.

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Posted by Vincent Banial

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