Female Crow saved the life of an abandoned Kitten, by feeding and taking care of it.

Posted by Vincent Banial

I have seen videos about the intelligence of Crows. In one case, people who provided food to a group of Crows were repaid. The Crows would find and bring back shining things like lost rings and other jewelry and leave what they found, in the feeding area. This was clearly the Crows giving back for receiving the food.

In this video, a female Crow saved the life of an abandoned Kitten. The Crow was filmed finding food and actually feeding the Kitten. The Kitten would play with the Crow. When the Kitten wanted to cross the street the Crow would make a lot of noise in effect to warn the kitten that it was dangerous to cross the road. The Kitten and the Crow would spend the whole day with each other.

Video is courtesy of the ozricus YouTube channel