Have you ever smoked Marijuana? Answering “Yes” to that question can get you barred for life from crossing the border from Canada into the USA.

Posted by Vincent Banial

You are a Canadian Citizen. You and your family want to visit the USA, for a day of shopping. You arrive at the Border Crossing. The US Border Guard asks you the following question: “Have you ever smoked Marijuana?“. You are an honest hard working family man or woman, so you answer Yes, I smoked Pot in my younger days.

You could then be asked to step out of your car. You could be handcuffed. After assorted pieces of paperwork are completed, you could be escorted, in handcuffs, back to the Canadian Border Guards. Because you answered “Yes”, you are now effectively barred from entering the USA. That is a “lifetime ban”. Congrats on your honesty.

Shades of George Orwell‘s novel titled “1984”. What crime did you the Canadian Citizen commit that got them barred for life from entering the U.S.A.? They might be told that under U.S. law they had committed “a crime involving moral turpitude“.

Video is courtesy of the CBC News YouTube channel

Click on this line to visit the Hamilton Spectator Newspaper website to read their post titled: “Have you ever smoked pot? Saying yes can get Canadians barred for life at U.S. border”.

Something for Canadians to remember before heading to the USA, for a day of shopping in Buffalo and elsewhere. If the US Border Guard asks you Have you ever smoked Marijuana? and if you answer “Yes”, then apparently under U.S. law you could have committed a crime involving moral turpitude

No Trial. No Jury. You are GUILTY as charged.

You could become immediately barred from entering the U.S.A. I also wonder how impressed your family will be with you possibly being handcuffed by the U.S. Border Guard.

Hope that your Wife can drive a car with a Standard Gear Shift, to get your automobile back to the Canadian side of the Border Crossing.