Thank You, Google! You guys ROCK!

I have said many a time that
Google is your Friend
and I will gladly
say it again

Google is your Friend“!

I was floored this morning. Checking the stats for this site, I noted that people were being sent here by Google Play Newsstand.

Google’s Search Engine has consistently picked up our posts and referred people our way. Their Andriod Search platform also refers people to this site. Now Google Play Newsstand has joined in. I am humbled and extremely appreciative. Thank You, Google.

This reminds me of something which happened in the past. After I closed our Zenfolio site, I received an email from a Google Search Engine employee. He informed me that Google’s Search Engine was finding a problem with our Zenfolio site and that they wanted to make me aware of it. 404 page not found errors were coming up. That email blew me away. It also showed me the Corporate Culture at Google focuses on and really does care about their customers. All of us using the internet are Google’s customers.

Thank You, Google !!!!!