Demo of FuzzBunch breaking into a virtual Windows 2008 Server. FuzzBunch is NSA created Malware which had been leaked by Shadow Brokers

Posted by Vincent Banial

It has been a while since I posted about Cyber Security. Last year’s round of posts were very well received. We even had a major Cyber Security firm linking to our posts.

What a “coincidence“, back in March of this year Microsoft patched a whole bunch of security holes in assorted Windows Operating Systems. On Friday, April the 14th 2017, a Hacker group called the Shadow Brokers released a ton of NSA developed weaponized software Exploits and Malware which allowed the NSA to break into computers around the globe. Not just break in, but potentially to also take control of computers running Windows Operating Systems prior to Windows 10. The Friday, April 14th Easter Egg contained over 200 megabytes of code which was dropped on GitHub.

Yes, Microsoft released a Security Update (patches) In March 2017 for their Windows Operating Systems which plugged the Security Holes used by the code which Shadow Brokers made available to the whole wide world on April 14th 2017. The key question is, will users and Network Admins apply those patches? If the March 2017 release of Microsoft patches are not installed, the computers remain vulnerable, as the Exploit and Malware code is available to everyone from Newbie Wannabe to Elite Hacker. Just wait till modified versions start being used.

One of the most powerful NSA coded Malware released is called FuzzBunch. The video below is a demo (in a controlled test environment) of FuzzBunch breaking into a virtual install of Windows 2008 Server.

Spiceworks did a survey of Network Server Operating systems being used. Windows 2008 Server was installed on over 40% of the Windows Server installations. People are even still using Windows 2003 Server. Hey, if it works and ain’t broke, why upgrade.

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FUZZBUNCH from The Intercept on Vimeo.

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