4,000 Horsepower Corvette took flight at Tulsa raceway Park.

I used to drive down to Cayuga raceway to watch the Drag Races. The site is called Toronto Motorsports Park. That park has a dragstrip along with a car racing course. Some of the machinery was jaw dropping. I was amazed to see “Snowmobiles” drag racing on that dragstrip in the middle of summer.

There was the odd accident – maybe once per season. Nothing happened that was anywhere near what had happened to a 4,000 Horsepower Corvette at Tulsa Raceway Park. It literally took flight.

Video is courtesy of the URBAN HILLBILLY VIDEOS YouTube channel

It was interesting to note that both of the drag race cars raised their front end. I was surprised that such powerful machines did not have a Wheelie Bar at the rear. Such a bar has small wheels and limits the amount that the machine can rise up in the air. The wheelie bar would limit the rise. had this corvette had that, I doubt that it would have taken flight as it did.

At the end it was great to see the driver come out of the Corvette. He was probably shook-up and upset about the car damage but looked to be physically unharmed.