Different ways to carry and move Bricks

Winter is almost over. With spring just around the corner, you may be planning on doing some major renovations around the house. The following videos show how some people around the globe would go about carrying and moving Bricks.

Video is courtesy of the Dominik Padalis YouTube channel

Video courtesy of the yrstruly YouTube channel

Video is courtesy of the k0m4ng’s channel YouTube channel

Video is courtesy  of the Satish Ganwani YouTUbe channel

Video is courtesy of the eastcodeTravel YouTube channel

BTW, the next time that you come home and start to complain to your Better Half about how hard a day you had sitting in a comfortable chair at your office, consider the work day that the people shown in the above videos had.

Disclaimer: The above videos were posted for “entertainment purposes only”. You must speak to your family Medical Doctor to get their permission, before considering to use any of the above Brick carrying techniques. We are in no way suggesting that you or anyone else try to do what is shown in the above videos. DO NOT TRY what is being shown in the above videos, as you could easily cause MAJOR damage to your neck and spine.