A huge chunk of the internet has an Amazon Web Services’ S3 cloud storage headache

Posted by Vincent Banial

Did a huge chunk of the Internet (mostly on the east coast of the U.S.A) disappear off the Internet today, because of President Trump’s speech later tonight?

If they were successful in shutting down Amazon’s Cloud Services which hosts a huge chunk of the Internet, that would have impacted President Trump’s speech. All focus would then have been on Amazon and their troubles with their Cloud and not on President Trump. I suspect that someone pulled the trigger “way too early” and Amazon was able to catch and mitigate. By the time President Trump started his speech, the Amazon / Internet / Cloud situation was no longer an issue.

Thanks to WordPress our uniquelytoronto.com website is still up, while a huge chunk of the internet has an Amazon Web Services’ S3 cloud storage headache due to experiencing “high error rates”.

Click on the following links to get an idea of what is going on: