Free time used to be tight, now it’s none existent.

Lots of changes happening. It’s getting difficult to find free time.

Some things demand priority. Then more things happens which also demand priority. Something will likely go down next week which will add more to my plate.

There is only so much that I can do. As much as I enjoy posting on this site, tons of other stuff needs my attention. Much of this was not planned – life happens and all the changes have been good things, with more on the way. The key is for me to stay on top of it all.

Because of the above, all our sites will essentially go static. No update posts will appear till May. I’m burning the candle on both ends and so far things are turning out rather well.

Hang in there. There is actually lots of stuff on this site which most folks have not yet read. More posts will come, but likely not till May.

Thanks for your continued support and understanding.