2015 Fred Loya Christmas Lights display, over 450,000 lights

Last year, we featured Fred Loya’s 2014 Christmas Lights Display. This years it is better and bigger with over 450,000 individual Christmas Lights.

This new video of the 2015 Fred Loya Christmas Lights Display was filmed using a Phantom Drone. We get a bird’s eye view of this beautiful display

We have two videos this year. The first is the official video courtesy of the El Paso Christmas Lights. The 2nd version looks like it was shot with the Phantom Drone flying at a higher viewpoint. Hope that you enjoy these videos.

Video is courtesy of the El Paso Christmas Lights YouTube channel

Video is courtesy of the Paul Hernandez YouTube channel

The parking info below was from 2014. I believe that there is still no parking by Fred Loya’s home. I assume that nearby school parking lot will be open for visitors in 2015.

If you drop by to view the Christmas Lights, plse park at the nearby Montwood High School.

BTW, there is NO parking on the street. Click the following for a Google Map of the Montwood High School.

Click on this line to view our post featuring the 2014 Fred Loya Christmas Lights Display.

Posted by: Vincent Banial

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