Hackers supposedly infiltrated Banks via Malware, allowing them to steal hundred of millions of dollars. Detailed report by cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Lab to be made public on Monday Feb 16

Photo of racks filled with Cisco Networking Gear. Photo Credit Vincent Banial

Photo of racks filled with Cisco Networking Gear. Photo Credit Vincent Banial

Click on this line to read what was posted today (Sat Feb 14)  by the New York Times about Hackers infiltrating Banks around the world by using Malware.

I have had many arguments about security software. One group especially got me going because to them Norton Security was the end all and be all. I finally got their so-called Tech to admit that to him Norton Security was the best because it had the largest market share. That’s like saying that GM automobiles are better than Rolls Royce automobiles because GM has a larger market share.

Of course Norton Security is very good. I believe that the security software created by Kaspersky Lab is better (your mileage may differ). Testing done by the Security Software testing site AV TEST http://av-test.org also top rates Kaspersky Lab security software. But I digress…our coverage of this major Cybersecurity Breach continues below.

The report on what Kasperky Lab had determined about the Cyber Bank Heist will be made public on Monday Feb 16.

Supposedly ATMs were instructed by the Hackers to dispense money at specific times.

Account balances were supposedly inflated and then the inflated amounts were transferred to Bank Accounts setup by the Hackers.

In the New York Times article it seems that Kaspersky Lab had supposedly seen evidence of hundreds of millions of dollars in supposed theft. The article implied that the Cyber Security Experts at Kaspersky Lab think that the sums stolen could possibly be multiple times more.

I will keep watching for the official Kaspersky Lab report on Monday. Till then you can learn more about this by visiting some of the links below.

Click on this line to read a prior report (Sept 11 2014) by Kaspersky Lab Security Experts. The report is titled: “Thefts in remote banking systems: incident investigations”. It details how Hackers were able to overcome one bank’s Security, by using Social Engineering to infect one key computer in that Bank’s Network. Makes for some interesting reading.

The New York Times post which looks to be the main post which  brought this to public light.

CNet’s post about the supposed Cyber Bank Heists.

ARS Techinca coverage of the Cyber Attack on Banks around the globe.

The Citizen post about this Hacker worldwide Bank Heist.

New York Times sub post about how Hackers infiltrated Banks.


I will continue to post about this as more is learned – most likely when that Kaspersky Lab report is released on Monday Feb 16 2015.




Posted by: Vincent Banial

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