Musician Profile posts coming

Winter is quiet season for me, because I refuse to shoot large indoor venues.

I just got a couple of ideas for the blog tonight, which I would like to share.

Shortly I’ll starting creating Musician profile posts. That would be along the lines of the one I did about “Chuck D. Keeping”.

Chuck is the amazing Drummer with Big Wreck and has also been the Sticks player with Suzie McNeil.

More than a few Musicians have visited our sites. I have a request of any Musicians visiting here. Plse let your Band or Record Company Publicist know about this site and that they should add our email (which is to their email distribution list. We  are always more than happy to write about upcoming Tours or new Albums.

One email which I received recently was about Randy Bachman. Guess what, he has a new band. I’ll be posting about that soon.

Posted by: Vincent Banial