Do you believe that Global Warming is a “real” problem? Read what a leading Climate Scientist from MIT has to say

A Climate Scientist. A Professor at MIT. Previously held positions at Harvard. Clearly someone with some sense.

Do you believe that Global Warming is a “real” problem?

Click on this line to read the article titled “What catastrophe?”, which was written by a  Climate Scientist who refers to himself as “the unalarmed Climate Scientist”.

IMHO, Science is about always asking questions. Proposing theories and model. Then verifying those theories and models. Theories and models constantly change, because they were questioned.

There once was a so called consensus that the Earth was flat. If you questioned that, you could get yourself killed. By being a denier of the consensus, the person who questioned the Flat Earth Theory opened new insights for humanity. He was right in the end, and the so called consensus was wrong.

There once was a consensus that the Sun rotated around the planet Earth. One had to be a so called “Denier”, to think otherwise. Turns out that the so called “Denier was right and the consensus was wrong. The earth rotates around the Sun.

There once was a time when the idea of “Continental Drift” was deemed to be foolish, by those holding to the consensus of the time. The Scientist who proposed the movement of plates and continental drift was a so called “Denier”. He was also right in the end, and the consensus was wrong again.

By asking questions and “not” just accepting the so called consensus, humanity can sometimes learn something.

Click on this line to read the Wiki page about Climate Scientist Richard Lindzen