Dubai New Year 2014 Fireworks display sets new world record, firing off 450,000 fireworks

Video is courtesy of the DowntownDubai YouTube Channel

When Dubai celebrated the 2014 New Year, they set a new world record by firing off 450,000 Fireworks.

The people of Dubai like doing things in a Big way. For example, they built the Burji Khalifa which is the tallest building in the world.

I mentioned the Burji Khalifa because that was used sort of as the centre stage for their 2014 Fireworks Display.

11,900 individual Fireworks were mounted along the outer skin of the world’s tallest building, by fireworks specialist free hanging from long ropes. How would you like to do their job?

Video is courtesy of the DowntownDubai YouTube Channel

The annual Burj Khalifa Fireworks Display has always been special. The 2014 event set a new World Record.

The previous World Record had been held by Kuwait which fired off 77,282 Fireworks during their 50th Anniversary of the formation of their Constitution.

Click on this line to read an article, with photos, posted by the Khaleej Times about setting up the display in Dubai.

The 2014 Burji Khalifa fired off 450,000 fireworks. I suspect that Dubai will hold this new World Record for quite some time.

The Fireworks display was created by Fireworks masters “Fireworks by Grucci”. The logistics of creating such a massive Fireworks Display is mind boggling.

The video, at the top of this post, gives one an idea just how awesome it turned out. Congrats to Dubai and the Fireworks by Grucci on setting the New World Record.