Top Ontario Wines. Perfect for Christmas get togethers with family and friends


Christmas is great time to get together with friends, lovers and family. Any get together is an opportunity for everyone to enjoy some amazing Ontario Wine.

Ontario’s Wine Industry has grown up and can compete with some of the best in the world.

Because there is such an amazing variety of Ontario Wine, it may be hard to pick out a special bottle or two to bring to a Christmas gathering.

Earlier in 2013, a large number of Ontario Wines were judged.  Gold, Silver and Bronze medals were awarded to the best wines. More than one wine could win a Gold Medal, or any of the other Medals.

This was like the Olympics of Ontario Wine.

I thought what better way to help readers choose a quality Ontario Wine for their Christmas gift giving and enjoyment, than to post a selection of 2013 Gold, Silver and Bronze medal winners.

Hope that many find this list helpful:

Christmas is a time of celebration, so I’ll start with the Sparkling Wines.

Sparkling Wine Medal Winners
Gold Medal –    13th Street            2008 Premier Cuvée

Gold Medal –    Huff Estates          2007 Cuvée Peter F Huff

Silver Medal –   Angels Gate          2010 Archangel Chardonnay
Bronze Medal – Hernder Estates    2007 Sparkling Riesling

I’m a big fan of big wine made from Cabernet Sauvignon grapes.So next up will be the big bold Reds, which would go well with Roast Beef and rich sauces.

Cabernet Sauvignon Award Medal Winners
Gold Medal  –     Tawse             2010 Redstone Cabernet Sauvignon

Silver Medal –     PondView Estate    2010 Cabernet Sauvignon

Bronze Medal –  Calamus Estate       2010 Cabernet Sauvignon

Often the bold Cabernet Sauvignon grapes are blended
with the more mellow Merlot grapes to produce some amazing Red Wine.

Cabernet/Merlot Blends Award Winners
Silver Medal –     The Foreign Affair           2011 Dream

Silver Medal –     Vineland Estates               2007 Cabernet Merlot Reserve

Bronze Medal –   PondView Estate              2010 Meritage

With White Wines I’ll start with appetizer wines. The light
Pinot Blanc / Pinot Gris wines.

Pinot Blanc/Pinot Gris Award Winners
Gold Medal –      Stoney Ridge Cellars         2011 Pinot Gris Excellence

Silver Medal –     Angels Gate                      2011 Pinot Gris

Bronze Medal –   Harwood Estate               2011 Pinot Gris

Next will be the white dinner wine. Sauvignon Blanc is perfect with
Chicken and Turkey and creamy sauces

Sauvignon Blanc/Semillon Award Winners
Gold Medal –      Angels Gate     2010 Sauvignon Blanc Semillon

Silver Medal –     Sandbanks Estate     2011 Sauvignon Blanc

The Chardonnay Wines are also perfect with White Meat Dishes and work well with flavourful sauces. Note that the Awards are split for Chardonnay Wines Under $20 Cdn & Over $20 Cdn per bottle.

Oaked Chardonnay Award Winners ~ Under $20
Gold Medal –       Rockway Vineyards        2011 Small Lot Reserve Chardonnay

Silver Medal –     Malivoire Wine Company  2011 Chardonnay

Bronze Medal –   Burning Kiln                  2011 Cureman’s Chard

Oaked Chardonnay Award Winners ~ Over $20
Gold Medal –    Exultet Estates 2011 Chardonnay “the Blessed”

Gold Medal –    Stoney Ridge Cellars  2010 Chardonnay Excellence

Silver Medal –      Tawse                  2010 Quarry Road Chardonnay

Bronze Medal –    Huff Estates               2010 South Bay Chardonnay

Bronze Medal –    Tawse                          2010 Estate Chardonnay

Unoaked Chardonnay Award Winners
Gold Medal –     Malivoire Wine Company    2012 Musqué Spritz

Silver Medal –    Vineland Estates         2010 Chardonnay Musqué

Bronze Medal –  Vineland Estates                 2011 O’Leary Chardonnay

Rieslings are hard to pin down. They are often lighter than Savignon Blanc or Chardonnay wines. They can also be very dry, dry and semi-dry.

Dry Riesling Award Winners
Gold Medal –      Flat Rock Cellars              2010 Nadja’s Vineyard Riesling

Gold Medal –     Daniel Lenko Estate          2009 Reserve Riesling

Silver Medal –   John Howard Cellars of Distinction   2011 Traveller’s Series Riesling

Bronze Medal –  Hinterbrook Estate          2011 Riesling

Semi-Dry Riesling Award Winners
Gold Medal –          Tawse                      2010 Carly’s Block Riesling

Silver Medal –       Burning Kiln          2011 Riesling

Bronze Medal –       Tawse                     2010 Sketches Riesling

To cap off your amazing Christmas Dinner with a great desert wine, look to the Vidal grape & Ontario’s unique Icewines.

There is one Ontario Winery which is world Famous for many of it’s wines and especially for it’s Icewines. For example, last year at the Vinitaly’s 20th International Wine Competition (held in Italy), Magnotta won Gold Medals for its 2008 Vidal Sparkling Ice Icewine Limited Edition VQA and Gold for its 2010 Vidal Icewine Lake Erie North Shore Limited Edition VQA.

Actually regarding Wine Awards, Magnotta has won over 2500 Awards for it’s wines.

Some LCBO stores will carry some Magnotta Icewines.

Instead just do a quick Google search on Magnotta Winery, for the location of the nearest Magnotta direct to consumer store. Many Award winning wines will be found in their Magnotta retail stores. Magnotta’s Wine Awards fill their store walls.

It is inspiring to see how many International Wine Awards that Magnotta has received. Really great Winery.

Well I think that I have covered from appetizers thru to desert.

Hope that you have enjoyed this list.

May your Christmas time be filled with wonderful get togethers.