New UN IPCC AR5 SPM report IGNORES the fact that every teenager alive today, has lived their entire life on a planet where there has not been any Global Warming.

Every teenager alive today, has lived their entire life on a planet where there has “not” been any Global Warming. That is a fact, which is ignored by the latest UN IPCC AR5 SPM report on Global Warming.
Scientists at the University of Boulder Colorado recently published a report which the folks who wrote the UN IPCC AR5 SPM report seem to have missed reading. That new report suggests that we could be at the start of a period of Global Cooling.
Anthony Watts has a very good post which discusses facts about the fantasies in the UN AR5 SPM Report. A detailed and informative read, as is normal for the Watts Up With That site.
The following link leads to a review of the UN AR5 report: IPCC: First AR5 SPM Report Lousy!
Now even main stream media is starting to question the validity of the UN IPC AR5 report. The LA Times even quoted climatologist Judith Curry who had helped with a prior UN IPCC report, but who now seems to contradict the IPCC and the UN AR5 report.

Remember the nonsense which was spouted a few years back about Antarctic Ice melting away and predictions of a resulting dire sea level rise.

Well, now it seems that the Antarctic Ice has been increasing. It is reported as being at 35 year record levels.

BTW on the opposite pole of the Earth, Polar Bear populations have been increasing for years and are at record high levels. Go figure.

Let us not forget what the UN IPCC conjecture stated about Himalayan glaciers disappearing. They retracted it.

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