How to Stop Blog Comments Spam. Another chapter in my How To Blog Adventure

I was surprised with the amount of Comments Spam. They were posted daily. Some Comments Spam would fill the screen with links. Others would compliment my writing skills. Funny how such a complimentary comment, could be made on a post which featured a Silvio Santos Prank Video. BTW, I Love those Brazilian TV Prank Videos.

I noticed that as soon as one Comment Spam slipped thru, then the Blog would become a target for way more Comments Spam. Some days there would be up to a dozen, coming in from specific parts of the world. Other days they would be spread out and from different countries.

I don’t understand Comments Spam. I’m pretty sure that Google would be filtering out links within comments. I also can’t see people wanting to buy from sites with links within comments. I never could understand the motivation, behind the constant flood of Comments Spam.

The way I stopped the Comments Spam, so far so good, was to change one of the settings within the Dashboard. It is under Settings and then under Discussion. I checked the line which states that Users must be registered and logged in to be able to comment. I also checked off disable comments of posts older than 14 days. I had noticed that the Spam Comments would come in on older posts.

So far so good. There has been a dramatic and sudden drop in the amount of Comments Spam received. If I start to feel neglected then I can always remove that check mark from the line stating that Users must be registered and logged in to be able to comment. For now, I’m enjoying not having to go thru the constant ritual of deleting Comment Spam.