Internet Explorer Browser compatability issues and this blog

Dual Monitors

Dual Monitors (Photo credit: danieljohnsonjr)

I would like to thank all those who have left comments, to  let me know about an Internet Explorer Web Browser issue with this Blog (and with the F-Stop blog). The Theme being used, I suspect, has HTML 5 code in it. That allows it to adjust to different screen display sizes which visitors may be using.

My understanding is that the latest version of Internet Explorer, from Microsoft, is HTML 5 compatible. If you are running an older version of Windows, then you will likely be using IE version 8 or lower. I use Windows XP on my internet machine, as there is no need for a faster PC, just to do web browsing.

Google Chrome has always been fine. The latest FireFox is also fine. Older versions of FireFox have at times had some display issues. Internet Explorer version 8 displays this blog as a single column. Newer version of IE seem to display the blog properly.

To the best of my rather limited knowledge, it seems that the problem is with older versions of Internet Explorer not being compatible with HTML 5. Not much that I can do to address that.

In the past I had spent weekends changing the theme used by this blog. Lots or work but it was interesting. From the dozens of themes tested, I really like this one. It looks clean and simple to visitors, I don’t want a cluttered look to the blog. I also wanted a blog theme which will adjust the display for mobile users.

I will keep my eyes open to what new Themes/Templates, might be released by in the future. I might test and possibly change things. I doubt that any new theme would be more compatible with older versions Internet Explorer.

The only solution which I can offer is to update to the latest Internet Explorer, if your WinOS allows it. Try Google’s Chrome or FireFox. I have all three browsers installed. I prefer FireFox, because of all the add ons and extension which are available.