A Solar Storm of Epic porportions is growing. It is already SIX times larger than Earth’s Diameter.

Video is courtesy of NASA

NASA has been watching Very Closely a new Solar Storm which has been growing, ever larger, over the last few days.

Already more than SIX Earth diameters and it keeps growing. The Coronal Mass Ejection from this storm could cause major problems. It all depends which way the storm is facing when that eruption occurs.I hope that the Coronal Mass Ejection will not occur when it is inline with Earth. Such a massive Solar Storm could result in a Coronal Mass Ejection of Epic Proportions.

If it is large enough when it reaches Earth, it could cause an EMP pulse to form in the atmosphere. If such an EMP Pulse reaches our Electrical Grids, there could be sectional shutdowns. It has happened before, and very likely will happen again.

Asteroids and Meteors cause more localized damage. A huge EMP Pulse is in my opinion the gravest danger facing mankind.


Shutting down the electrical grid means no drinking water and no water for sanitation. A day of two without electricity, people would manage. A week or two and problems would develop. A month or two and you have chaos. A year of two and you have empty cities.

Life as we know it could be changed in an instant by a huge Coronal Mass Ejection directly hitting earth.

Hope that our luck does not run out.

We survived the Dec 21 2012 supposed End of the World. The asteroid flew past.

Hopefully the Solar Storm will be facing in the opposite direction when it erupts. The Year of the Water Snake is sure maintaining our interest. BTW, 1929 (with it’s stock market crash) and 2001 (with it’s 911 tragedy) were also Snake Years.

CLICK HERE to visit NASA’s site for more info and updates.


Posted by: Vincent Banial

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